Own environmentally-friendly production facilities
in the south of Western Siberia

Our company is one of the few in Russia having
its own agricultural land


Сultivation of crops

The south of Omsk region is the place where we grow our crops. Thanks to the practice of fallow, the soil does not lose its fertility (the field is ploughed each alternate year but remains unseeded), thereby, grain crops receive all the best that nature gives

Flour elevators

For processing and storage of grain crops, modern technologies of storage and processing of raw materials are used. Each elevator is equipped with its own laboratory, which allows us to monitor the quality of the products — flour of the highest and first grades, grains and cereals — to a high precision.


Modern production lines

The production of pasta involves several lines equipped with high-tech equipment and strict observance of quality control.Two-shift production schedule allows us to ship 10 tons of finished products daily.

Packaging and storage

We care about our customers, so we have developed a strong and reliable packaging for our products and are constantly improving it.Thanks to having own warehouses, we can accumulate and maintain the required stock of products, and this, in turn, ensures timely and fast availability of finished products for deliveries to our partners and customers.